UXD is an interesting idea, but I will pass on UXP (its governance)

I love analyzing new projects and I think it is important to call out the bad one. UXD Protocol caught my attention for three reasons:

Do market makers manipulate the markets? Let’s break some myths.

Every time you buy or sell stocks, cryptocurrencies or place a bet there is a counterpart. Many times the counterpart will be another user, but most of the time it will be a market maker. Who are they and what do they do?

A market maker (from here onward shortened…

A case study and tutorial on bridging memecoins and making money out of it

First of all what is Wormhole? The formal definitions is “a cross-chain interoperability protocol connecting high value blockchains”, in layman terms it is a bridge for transferring tokens from one blockchain to another.

What is arbitrage? It is simply the practice of buying one asset on a venue and sell…

An analysis of crypto-inequalities

Recently Marinade has started their retroactive token (MNDE) claim for early adopters and they released the data for the first batch of users, let’s do some quick statistical analysis and search for other hints.

Marinade is a platform for liquid staking, it allows users to stake any amount of SOL…

A hands-on guide with pros and cons

As promised, here is a tutorial on leveraged yield farming and what are the risks associated with, get ready, I will try to be concise although try to not miss any nuance.

For the sake of this example I will use the Solana blockchain together with Apricot Finance a recently created lending-protocol that I really like as they allow cross-margining (will explain more in detail later). I will farm on the @orca_so pool on the SOL/USDC pair.

This is how my initial…

Yes, it is still happening

This is a follow up study on fake volumes and wash trading, a plague that has been affecting cryptocurrencies for a long time and will certainly continue to do so in the future.

Wash trading is an abusive practice that misleads the market about the…

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